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Enpro Corporate Headquarters and Plant, Lebanon NJ

Enpro Incorporated has been in business under the guidance of the same principals since 1957 in the design and manufacture of deaerators and other water treatment equipment. Our 15,000 sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility, seen above is located on 26 acres in Lebanon, New Jersey and is where all of the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the Deaerator-Deoxygenator internals occur. Our resources are in excess of Five Million Dollars. Since our start, we have become one of the premier suppliers in the industry of custom designed Deaerators, Continuous Blow-Down Systems, and Ion Exchanger Systems.

In over 45 years in business in the sale of support equipment for boilers, we have strived to provide our clients with a product, which is now widely recognized in the industry as the most advanced deaerator design anywhere. We have continuously up-graded the design of the then acceptable Steam-Scrubber and/or Reboiler type unit, followed by the Tray and Spray Tray type deaerators. In 1982, the Deaerator-Deoxygenator design became available to replace the aforementioned deaerators. The new design provides boiler feed water with a miniscule trace of oxygen of less than 2 parts per billion.

Currently, the Deaerator-Deoxygenator has degasification capability for removing high concentrations of carbon dioxide. The performance of the Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier is exceptional in handling Hydrogen Plant process condensate, saturated with carbon dioxide (up to 6,000 ppm) and oxygen that is used for boiler feed. The oxygen residual is zero, and that of carbon dioxide, zero. Performance verification is based on continuous pure sampling.

This, when coupled with our commitment to customer service and satisfaction from custom design to fabrication to final delivery and beyond make Enpro the selection of choice for your deaerator requirement!