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250,000 lb./hr. "VT" type Deaerator-Deoxygenator for a Power House in Louisiana.
1,600,000 lb./hr. Deaerator-Deoxygenator top section of a "PD" type model, under construction for a Power House in Alaska. This unit was designed to replace a competitor's tray unit which rotted out after a few years.
Enpro internals banded and skidded, ready for shipment at our manufacturing facility in Lebanon, N.J.
525,000 lb./hr. "VT" type Deaerator-Deoxygenator with horizontal storage on its way to a Refinery Company in California.
350,000 lb./hr. "VT" type Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier ready to be shipped to a Hydrogen Plant in California
400,000 lb./hr. Parallel "PD" type Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier on it's way to a Hydrogen Plant in Texas.
The non-binding, hydraulically balanced Enpro stainless steel spray valve. Machine made from stainless steel bar stock.
875,000 lb./hr. "VT" type Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier ready for shipment to a Hydrogen Plant in Canada. 144" O.D. x 29' S/S Deaerator Tank.