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The Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier is an operational multi-stage designed unit for the heating and complete stripping of dissolved corrosive gases from boiler feed make-up water. The addition of chemical additives for oxygen scavenging is near zero, with added slight excess dosing as a precaution, and to offset chemicals lost by boiler blow-down.

Here are some of the design features that make Enpro units the selected choice for the highest quality boiler feed water!

  1. Continuous performance reliability throught the entire capacity load range in providing a boiler feed water quality of less than 2 parts per billion oxygen residual.
  2. Verification of performance is by continuous pure sampling. This offers superior monitoring control when adding chemicals for oxygen scavenging as a precautionary measure. With this feature, chemical costs are greatly reduced!
  3. Removes very high concentrations of carbon dioxide gas and other gases from hydrogen plant process condensate. Saturation content, as high as 6,000 ppm, of carbon dioxide is reduced to the very low trace level of less than 0.1 part per million. This condensate along with make-up water is used for boiler feed.
  4. Only fully deoxygenated degassed water contacts the carbon steel walls of the pressure vessel. The deoxygenator internals are contained in an all 304L stainless steel enclosure. Internal corrosion and stress cracking are eliminated.
  5. Storage water temperature is always on parity with that of operating steam temperature regardless of inlet flow and temperature variation(swing loads). Swing loads have a negligible affect on deoxygenator performance.
  6. The storage water level always remains stable because of the gentle laminar flow of the deoxygenated water to storage. Anti-wave baffles within the storage section are never required regardless of storage volume.
  7. The Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier is designed for a minimum 30 year successful service life without maintenance. Standard construction is of 12ga., 10ga., and 3/16 in. thick 304L stainless steel material. No spare parts are required.
  8. Custom designed units are available in all outlet capacities and in various models to suit installation space and/or economics. All are of a multi-stage design which is radically different from the conventional deaerators that are currently on the market.
  9. A quality product at a competitive price, the Enpro Deaerator-Deoxygenator/Degasifier really performs per guarantee; and has for the last 22 years with freedom of maintenance. No one else in the industry guarantees 2 parts per billion with continuous pure sampling. We do!